Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: What a Wonderful Year At the Edge

For the last 12 months, The Edge Center for the Arts in Bigfork has tried to include as much new programming as possible while keeping in mind that it serves many audiences. We have included student art and education, Native American exhibits/programs, thought provoking plays, a touch of history with classic movies, nationally prominent entertainment, plus lots of music and laughter. Next year we hope to repeat the experience and possibly add a whole new category of “literary art” education for the young and old.

Of paramount importance to The Edge Center is being part of our young people’s education. The Edge Center is part of and attached to the Bigfork School by design so students can participate in this process. During the year some artists participating in Edge Center events also include student classes as part of their activities. Also, The Edge Center is utilized throughout the school year for numerous school activities.

All of what we do is only possible with the continued support of you, without which we would not exist. From our large and expanding group of volunteers, to the community as a whole, and to each individual supporter, thank you very much and we hope we can make 2013 even more of an enjoyable artistic experience.

In 2012 The Edge Center's community work revolved around its Art Gallery, On Stage Performances and hosted Bigfork School Activities (volunteers doing stage set-up shown below).


In 2012 in the Art Gallery, with your help, The Edge Center presented a variety of events with each accompanied by an opening reception such as shown below:

April – Edge of the Wilderness Art League Show

May – Bigfork School Student Show (below)

June – Joe Geshick – Journeys, Native American paintings (set up below)

July – Art on the Edge: 8th Annual Juried Show (award below)

August – Al Kruger - Wildlife (set up below)

September – Jackie Solem - Migration to the Edge, photography (below)

October – Mary Lingen - Landscapes, paintings (below)

November – 8th Annual Holiday Gift Show (goodies below)

In 2012 On Stage, with your help and a very ample stage, The Edge Center presented performances ranging from classic movies, to music, to thought provoking plays. Below is a photograph from this year's giant puppet show in June.

Sunday January 15th - Sam Black, pianist, with Josh Aerie, cellist, - Chamber Music (below)

January 12 – “The Mark of Zoro” Classic Movie

January 29th - Polar Revue #7 - Local Talent Show

February 8 – “Robin and Marian” Classic Movie

February 23, 24, 25, and 26 - EdgeWild Players present Circle, Mirror,
Transformation (below)

March 2, 3, 4 - "I am Anne Frank" presented by the Nautilus Music-Theatre of St. Paul

March 8 – “White Heat” Classic Movie

April 12 – “Some Like It Hot!” Classic Movie

April 24th – 29th: -TU Dance returns with a School performance plus Community performance and Saturday Dance Movement Class

May 6 - Itasca Symphony Orchestra (below)

June 21-24 - Almanac with Big Puppets, with Master puppeteer Theresa Linnehan,
were in the Wilderness Parade and filled the stage. (below)

July 13, 14 - Stages Theatre of Hopkins is coming to the Edge with the
                     musical, "Seussical" (below)

August 11 - Piano Bar with the Northern Lights Trio (below)

August 25 - John Perkins, local song writer (below)

September 9 - Pretenders and Friends – 50’s; and 60’s Rock n Roll (below)

September 13 – “Cabaret” Classic Movie

September 16 - Art Redhorse and Nico - Native American Grass Dance
                         and Native Flute (below)

October 11 – “Dr. Strangelove” Classic Movie

October 13 - "8 The Play" BellWether's performance

October 6 - SAM MILTICH trio and CHARMIN MICHELLE (below)

October 25 - Theatre "Stories for the Stage" and Diary of Anne Frank

October 26 - Monroe Crossing, nationally famous bluegrass music

November 8 - “Meet John Doe” Classic Movie

November 16-18: EdgeWild Players present Love, Loss & What I Wore (below)

December 13 - "Shop Around the Corner" Classic Movie

December 15 - Great Northern Radio Show (below)


In 2012 Edge Hosted Bigfork School Activities included:

January - On-going violin lessons through June

January - 18, 25 High School communications class

January - 19 Community Education

February - 1 “Alice Unwrapped,” Nautilus Music-Theatre of St. Paul, school & comm.

February - 3 English class political debates

February - 7-8 Winter Fest, prep & coronation

February - 25 Speech Tournament awards ceremony

March - 9-11 Bigfork School's presentation of Tom Jones

March - 29 Community Speech night

March - 30 D.A.R.E graduation

April - 11 Honor Society Induction

April - 18 Elementary spelling bee

April -20-21 Prom prep and Grand March

May - 1 Itasca Sheriff’s Drug Lyceum

May - 10 High School Academic Awards

May - 14 Strings Recital, school and community

May - 16 High School senior reception

May - 24 High School athletic awards

May - 23-31 Five days of giant puppet building 3rd-6th grades

May - 31 Kindergarten graduation

July - 24-25 Grand Rapids HS Band at Edge

September - Piano lessons begin for elementary students each week
                    Violin lessons continue for elementary students each week

September - 14 Violin demo for students

September - 25 School & community meeting

October - 9-10 Homecoming prep and coronation

September - 16-17 English class presentation

November – 28 Elementary Talent Show

December 11-12 HS Winter concert & prep

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