Sunday, December 16, 2012

“Snow Radio”…From GNRS On The Edge

What a great way to end the programming year for The Edge Center in Bigfork. The Great Northern Radio Show’s live broadcast on KAXE Saturday December 15th made the drive in the snow worthwhile. Lots of songs, jokes, tall tales and real history added to the cider and cookies to put the audience in a good Christmas spirit. Here are some pictures of the evening’s fun…pick out the people you know, enjoy the rest, remember that some may have been missed (sorry) and listen to the whole broadcast on the KAXE web site when it is posted later this week at:

The show was a great learning experience for typical theatergoers. Doing a live radio show means the most important thing is what goes on the air and not performing for the audience. That means you don’t get to see all of the performers up front, that you may get to see only the backs of some, that you need to be aware of any noises you make (except laughing, clapping, whistling, hollering, etc.), and that you’d better take a bathroom break before the show starts or you may miss something fun. The Bigfork show was the fifth one in the series and the KAXE staff has perfected the process. They are a very talented group of people. If you get a chance to see a performance…do it and you will find it very entertaining. After two hours, I didn’t want it to end.



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