Friday, January 27, 2012

Alice Unwrapped at The Edge - A Family in Distress Over Dad Being MIA in the Middle East

How one fifteen year-old tries to cope with a father missing in action, a mom who won’t come out of her bedroom and a little sister who just wants a normal life, is the story behind the musical drama Alice Unwrapped. The 35-minute single-actress show will be presented for two performances at The Edge Center in Bigfork on Wednesday February 1st. The performances will be at the Bigfork School Music Room for students at 2PM at no charge and the public at 7PM on The Edge Center stage. The price of admission for the 7PM performance is pay what you think it is worth after the show.

From the creator’s project description, "ALICE UNWRAPPED is a new on-site theatrical presentation featuring acclaimed singer-actor Anna Slate in an emotionally-expansive and spiritually-engaging demonstration of how integrated musical-theatrical performance can uniquely illuminate contemporary social situations and psychological challenges. This production was originally created for the Spirit in the House and Minnesota Fringe Festivals in 2009; it was also performed in classrooms at MacPhail Center, Saint Olaf College, and Lawrence University."

The Edge Center, in its mission to present a wide variety of performance experiences, offers this musical drama billed as a non-political view of the trials for the families of service men and women who are deployed to a war zone. One of the play’s creators, Laura Harrington, comes from a military family whose father fought in WWII and two brothers served in the 1960s. It is a play designed for non-theatrical settings primarily for educational institutions. The one-actress/one accompanist play includes a discussion period after the performance focusing on the musical-theatrical and other aesthetic issues and those relating to social science, psychology and family dynamics.

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