Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Really Happens at Deer Camp?

This is not real life and is not really what goes on in a deer camp…right? But, if you hunted deer at a “shack” in northern Minnesota you probably have heard someone mention the stuff that goes on in Deer Camp, The Musical. If you are a significant other who “keeps the home fires burning” while your “other” hunts from a deer shack, this show might raise an eyebrow or both. If you are neither and just want to get some good belly laughs and hear some good music, this show is for you too. It was on stage at The Edge Center in Bigfork last night. It will be shown again today Sunday October 16 at 2 PM. Deer Camp, The Musical is presented by Great North Show Providers and not the local Edge Wild Players. If you want to go, tickets are available at the door and cost $26.00.

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