Friday, August 30, 2019

“North to Alaska” is the September Film Classic in Bigfork

The first 2019 fall movie in the Classic Movie Series in Bigfork, “North to Alaska” should be seen purely for fun. This action comedy takes place during the Alaskan gold rush days of the late 1890s. The stars were a strange combination that included basically someone for everyone. John Wayne, came with his “built-in” audience, Fabian attracted teen agers, Ernie Kovacs was appreciated by the comedy seeking audience and the beautiful Capucine captivated the males. The movie made over 10 million dollars, and gave the studio a nice profit. The Johnny Horton’s famous title song was one of the year’s biggest hits. This movie classic will be shown by Jack Nachbar at the Edge Theater in Bigfork. It will be accompanied by Jack’s presentation providing a better understanding of the time period of the movie.  Date: Thursday September 12th. Time: 6:30PM. Price: FREE of charge.

The film released at a perfect time Alaska became a state in 1959 and was still in the news.  Briefly it is about a prospector, named George who wanted a bride. So he sends his partner Sam to Seattle to pick her up and bring her back. Rather strange now, but back then when claims needed protection and the presence of the owner, it was not that outlandish.

However, the plot thickens when the prospective bride is already married. So George does a reasonable thing to him and resourcefully, he gets a replacement: a pretty substitute who is the hostess of the “henhouse” dance hall.

Come and see a film that is a good movie and received lots of audience support. Place: The Edge Center for the Arts, Bigfork. Date and time: Thursday the 12th of September at 6:30PM.  It will be worth going to Bigfork, because Jack will provide you with background about the movie and a cartoon.


And there is plenty of background for Jack to share with you. An appropriate snack will be served courtesy of Jack and his wife/projectionist, Lynn. The Classic Movie Series is part of the District 318 Adult Education Program.