Friday, November 6, 2015

O’s Perspectives Provides Variety and Talent

What is Owen’s Perspectives? A small part of it is in the Edge Center Gallery as this November's art Exhibit. Color and variety is everywhere. The exhibit is called, “O’s Perspectives.” That is a very simple statement intended to describe a very elaborate view of the world from fire at a volcano to a “Vallkommen” Troll carving greeting gallery visitors. And what you see in between is incredible. This is the artist’s viewpoint of the world. That viewpoint is often original, unexpected, humorous or imaginative.

From Owen, “This interest in artistic expression has followed me throughout my entire life and although my choice to become a professional educator did not lead to art, it was always there.  At college I earned a minor in art, and at the Doctoral level, at Columbia University, I had the opportunity to take a course in Artistic Expression, which provided me with meaningful encouragement to incorporate art in my daily work and life.  Living in New York I had the opportunity to explore the art galleries in addition to my international experiences in Europe and Asia.”

Hagen is a photographer, wood sculptor, painter, and collage artist.   Because Hagen is attuned to the world around him, he is ready to capture fantastic sunsets, trees, water images, and other natural scenes, especially around his home on Turtle Lake.  However, he is just as likely to see figures in pieces of wood. What others would see as scraps of lumber, Hagen has assembled into striking wood collages.

He credits some of this imaginative expression to a course in Artistic Expression at Columbia University where he was encouraged “to incorporate art in my daily work and life.

From Owen, “I have learned over time that artistic expression and images come from a variety of sources and perceptions.  As a young boy I grew up in a small three room flat, living with my mother and sister.  They both worked, so I spent a lot of my time entertaining myself with the images of the outdoors, trees, birds, rocks, animals and sunsets…. Which provided me with the opportunity to use my box of crayons and scraps of paper to make pictures.”

From childhood in Fertile, Minnesota, Hagen entertained himself with drawing and exploring the outdoors. Both passions have continued, and expanded during his retirement from teaching Education at St Cloud University. He used living in New York City and travel in Europe and Asia to expand his awareness of art throughout history and cultures, applying this to his own work.

From Owen, “Art is an enthusiastically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements that exist in the mind and expressions of the beholder.  To me this is an exciting aspect of day-to-day appreciation of life and nature, which leads me to the creation of numerous artistic elements in my perceptual world of awareness.”

From Owen, “Art is the expression of creative skills and imagination in producing works to be appreciated for beauty and emotional power.  Today I see the potential for artistic creative expression everywhere.  I see it looking up in the sky…  I see it looking at the ground...I see it in trees, flowers, water, crushed objects on the is everywhere...and this imagination makes life more memorable and enjoyable.”

See how Owen Hagen perceives the world around him. This exhibit is how a very creative and talented artist can show you what he often sees in things most other take for granted. “O’s Perspectives is in the is in the Edge Center Gallery from November 5 until November 28.  You can meet Owen and get him to tell you his funny stories at the Free Opening Reception, November 6 from 5:00 to 7:00. Edge Center Gallery is next to the Bigfork School and is open from 10:00 to 4:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. For more information and updates, see