Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Keep the Gallery Going Strong

Were you in the Edge Center in Bigfork during the end of December and early January? If so, you noticed how empty the Gallery was. That was the down time between the Holiday Gift Show and the Permanent Collection that is on view during other events from now until the EOW Art League exhibit in April. Seeing empty walls makes us all appreciate how much the exhibits add to the overall experience of going to the Edge Center.

Could you help keep the Gallery vibrant and available? There are lots of ways to do this.

Become a “Friend of the Gallery”. Your donations of $25 go a long ways toward allowing the Gallery to present diverse and fascinating exhibits. Send a check to Edge Center Gallery, Box 304, Bigfork, MN 56628, include a donation with your Edge Center membership. or easiest of all, use the Donate button on the Edge website

If you are an artist, you may want to enter Art on the Edge: Sixth Annual Juried Art Exhibit, which will be on view in July. The submissions are due in mid-May. A juried art show has a time-honored way of being organized. An independent juror is picked because of his or her involvement in the visual arts. The juror’s experience may be as a working artist, a gallery or museum curator, an art teacher or all of the above. He or she is paid to select from submitted artwork those pieces that they think are the strongest. Inevitably some pieces are rejected. The local Gallery committee has no input on this selection and the juror’s decisions are final. There will be more information in next month’s Watts News. Keep up to date by checking the website

Do you have bookkeeping, carpentry, or computer skills? We could use you. Would you like to cook for one of the receptions? Would you like to help hang exhibits, or organize workshops, or use a printer? We could use you. Are you good at writing grants? We could really use you! Call Lynn at 743-6018.

This is the time of year when the Gallery committee organizes for the following season. It is a great time to get involved by volunteering or sharing ideas. We hope to hear from you.