Saturday, August 14, 2010

Edge Center Gallery News by Lynn Nachbar

Art on the Edge: Sixth Annual Juried Exhibit

Twenty-seven artists were selected for Art on the Edge: Sixth Annual Juried Art Exhibit at the Edge Center Gallery in Bigfork. The 39 artworks are in the Gallery from July 1 through July 31. Juror, Keith Williams chose the Award winners. The First Place Award for 2-D work went to Elizabeth Blair for her photograph, All That Glitters. The Second Place Award for 2 D was given to Terry Honstead for her painting Harmony. In the 3D category, First Place was awarded to Peter Pestalozzi’s Surf’s Up Rocker and Second Place went to Barry Nelson for Small Cabinet. The People’s Choice Award was presented to Peggy Selander for her painting Sisters Watching.

Intentional Realism: Handmade Prints by Cecilia Leider

Beginning August 5, Cecilia Leider’s woodcut prints will be on exhibit in the Edge Center Gallery. These woodcut prints vary in size from small to unusually large with a variety of subjects all derived from nature. Woodcuts involve carving away all the surface of a wood block that is not needed for the part of the picture that will be printed. As Leider explains, “Each of the colors in these prints required a separate printing plate, which is keyed to the other plates and printed individually. For example, if a print contains eight colors and the edition size is 50 prints, there are no fewer than 400 separate printings involved in the production of the full edition.” In a further description of the process, Leider says, “I draw, make the color separations, carve the blocks …and hand print all of my work myself. I still print the woodcuts with a wooden spoon or baren which allows me greater flexibility and textural variety. I enjoy pushing the limits of size and color in woodcuts.”

The title of the exhibit, Intentional Realism, is clarified by Leider’s explanation of how she relates to the to what she sees. “Through keenly focused observation of the natural world around me, realistic accuracy has become a search for truth. In the extended process of bringing an image into existence as a print, the meaning of the subject matter - both abstractly and in my own growth - reveals itself to me. In this way, the work that results is both a record of my discoveries, and a dynamic process of growth in itself. Consciously using the physicality of objects as a door to growth and transcendence in this manner, I call Intentional Realism.” 

Cecilia Leider is an exceptionally skilled and perceptive artist whose artwork is amazing both for it’s technical proficiency and it’s thoughtful meaning. Meet and talk to Leider at the Edge Center Gallery Opening Reception on August 6 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in conjunction with the Hospital Auxiliary’s Arts and Craft Fair in the Bigfork School.

The Gallery is open from 1:00 to 4:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The Edge Center Gallery is next to the Bigfork School.

Gallery Calendar

August 5 to September 4: Intentional Realism:
handmade prints by Cecilia Leider
Opening Reception: August 6, 1-3 pm

August 20, 2010:
Wine in the Wilderness Wine Tasting Fundraiser
at Richies Bar, Marcell, Minnesota

September 9- October 2: From the Prairie:
Glass Vessels and Landscapes by Jon Offutt
Opening Reception: September 10, 5-7 pm
Demonstrations: September 10 & 11

October 7 to October 30: This Is Displacement:
Native American Artists Consider the Relationship
Between Land and Identity
Opening Reception: October 8, 5-7 pm.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Arts on the Edge by Patricia Feld

Children off all ages have loved the shows that Stages Theatre from Hopkins, has brought to us, Honk! in 2007 and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown in 2008. (Last summer they toured England). These professional and student actors are excellently trained performers who we all learn from. Their sets, costumes, and props inspire us too. This year's performance was Willy Wonka, (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The stage was alive with a great set and over 20 actors and actresses of all ages; truly an amazing production

In our continuing efforts to become more mature as an organization, several of us have been selected to participate in a three-year capacity building grant and its workshops. It’s called ArtsLab, and we one of sixteen, small-sized “visionary arts organizations” that make up the participants. We are the ONLY one that is still run only by volunteers.
We have become very aware that that must change so that we can continue to provide the kind, quality, and quantity of arts experiences that will make us a Forever Organization.
The dream is to get one, part-time person to work in our newly remodeled office in the Gallery. And we are about halfway toward paying that person! An anonymous donor has given us $5,000 a year for three years and when we can match that, we will just about be there!
As was said in Fiddler, maybe we have a rich uncle!

Remember that we have a GiveMn link on our website, That makes giving very easy, and we get every penny that is contributed using that site!

Wasn’t that fun?!? And moving? And beautiful to look at?! Local builders constructing professional sets, new friendships, kids learning Old School Theatre Discipline, personal growth, new volunteers “getting the community theatre bug,” all in 5,000 volunteer hours! One thousand one hundred twenty-five people saw it! It was the kind of event we dreamed about bringing to the communities back when a fine arts center was only a dream.


• 28 August – John Perkins returns to sing of the Northwoods, 7pm.
• 12 September - “The Pretenders,” our rockin’ buddies play, 2pm.
• 26 September - Celtic music with Laura McKenzie, 2pm.
• 16 October – The Twin Cities acclaimed modern dance company, TU Dance comes, 7pm.
• 12 December – The LaPlante Family Bluegrass Christmas Concert, 2pm.
• …and keep watching for more as they become finalized!