Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sporting Arts Show Exhibit at the Art Gallery in Bigfork

With this Sporting Arts Show at the Edge Center in Bigfork this month the gallery welcomes all Northwoods outdoor enthusiasts to its first such exhibit. The show is a celebration of how many outdoor enthusiasts in the North woods enjoy the the change of seasons from summer to winter. On display at the Edge Gallery in Bigfork until October 28, visitors at the Edge Art Gallery can see and appreciate how a number of artists put into art what this transition of seasons mean to them. The exhibit is open to the public and free of charge every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 4PM and during other Edge Events.


“We have a rich history of woods, waters, fields, and streams,” says show director Al Gustaveson. “What I envisioned was an event where painters, photographers, and artisans could come together to honor this important part of our history, heritage, and future.”

The result is a diverse exhibit whose participating artists have been featured in places as varied as Field & Stream, the Oval Office, and the movie FargoWhile the show celebrates sporting arts in many forms, a common thread throughout the exhibit is an artistic appreciation of the natural world.

The show features work from a variety of renowned Minnesota and Wisconsin artists— painter and five-time Federal Duck Stamp Competition winner Jim Hautman, wildlife painter and 2017 Minnesota Duck Stamp and Walleye Stamp artist Tim Turenne , fishing guide and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame artist Bob White,

Also see work by landscape artist Dan Wiemer, wildlife photographer Michael Furtman, and woodcut artists John Koch and Betsy Bowen.

Of special interest for many of the visitors, will be and example of a handmade Birch bark canoe. It was made by Jim Wodahl with instructions by Bill Hafeman. With this canoe, it may take some time to study its construction and try to figure out exactly how it was made. Hafeman Canoes are a legend in this part of Minnesota, and to get a chance to see one made with his instructions is a treat. You can't miss it because it dominates the room as they usually do. Hafeman had his "Boatworks" on highway 6 north of Deer River for years and years. My wife and I had a chance to stop and see one of these being built years ago and it was one of those "chance" stops that we will always remember.    

Once again The Sporting Arts Show will be on display at the Edge Center Gallery next to the Bigfork School until October 28 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM and during Edge events. Admission is free.

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