Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where will John Perkins’ Music be This Year and What About the Dancing Minnow Bucket?

If you have been to a John Perkins concert at the Edge Center in Bigfork, this question might make more senseHe will have his sixth concert at the Edge in August with all proceeds going to the benefit of the Edge Center.  With each show John changes the stage into another part of his life.  The last two years he has been at a campsite and on the front porch of a cabin. This year we will see him at home.  Nice touch to match his home style music. John’s “Amerciana/folk” style music is all his own. He has an easy-to-listen style that celebrates life in the north woods along with exploring personal feelings and life’s challenges.  With his wife and friends also “at home” it will be a real community of songs and sounds.  The show will be on stage at The Edge Center in Bigfork Saturday August 23 7PM. $10 adults. $5 children.

You have to show up to find out about the minnow bucket, but about music John says, “Everyone has a song. For some it’s literally music and for others it’s, kindness, caring, mentoring, or other special gifts. This year is going to be spectacular. I am inviting you to visit with my family and friends in our home. Come and enjoy it with us”

He adds that, “Every singer songwriter approaches the craft a little differently, but it all comes down to ‘write what you know’. Every person can tell the story of their life. Turning life’s experiences into song is a little more challenging. It helps if one can carry a tune and/or play an instrument”.

There will be a mix of some new songs and ones you might have heard from past performances.  For the Edge Center performance, John again will be joined for part of it by Effie’s own Jerry Hagen on bass, along with other friends. The list of possible “instruments” played is considerable. John’s selection to choose from, includes six, eight and twelve string guitars, a Resonator Steel Slide and even a six-string banjo. There will also be tambourine, jug, washboard and cajone played.  John’s wife, Sandy, will play the spoons and may do a bit of clogging.  Sandy is shown below with John. There will be a lot different sounds for the special acoustically designed Edge Theatre to handle.

John Perkins lives in Northern Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest part of the year and south of Asheville, North Carolina for the other seasons. He spends a lot of time getting ready for his yearly concert at the Edge, and he always comes up with something fresh and different. This year there will be several new unreleased songs.

There will be lots to see, hear and learn at this year’s John Perkins concert for the Edge Center for the Arts. Just finding out about the dancing minnow bucket might be worth a visit.  But you will also see where he is playing from, hear some great music, meet some of his friends on stage and visit the art gallery. There will be an exhibit of photography by Terra Rathai.  Its called Avant Garden Photography and is colorful, different and very pleasing. Remember the John Perkins concert on stage at The Edge Center in Bigfork Saturday August 23 7PM. $10 adults. $5 children. Suitable for all audiences.

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