Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Puppet Season in Bigfork: Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring Debut

Thanks to lots of work by The Edge Center volunteers and Bigfork School students, the Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring Big Puppets showed up at the Wilderness Days parade in Bigfork this Saturday. It’s the first time they have been seen in public and were a big hit. They were described as being like a little bit of the Mardi Gras in Bigfork. The next showing will be on The Edge Center Stage in Bigfork. The event will be THE ALMANAC production by The EdgeWild players from June 21 to 24. The “actors” in the production will include these puppets and more.

"Photos Courtesy of Mr.B. Feld"

THE ALMANAC story is from the history, legends, experiences and tall tales of the area mixed in with plenty of music. It gives a fun look at Northern Minnesota history from the time of glaciers to the present. It will be at The Edge Center Thursday through Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 2PM. Admission is $12 for adults, $5 for children and $3 student rush.

Teresa Linnihan, a New York puppet master, teacher, and performer is creating and directing THE ALMANAC from ideas generated by the community. Theresa has had over 20 years of experience as a puppeteer, years of experience acting/directing theater, was director of the Newburyport Children's Theater at Maudslay State Park, and was an integral part of The Puppeteer’s Cooperative.


THE ALMANAC is truly original theater and starts with the Ice Age. It includes tidbits about how hard it can be to farm here, what early pioneers brought to the Bigfork area including American Indian ledgend Busticogen, why Blue Jays are so tough, recipes, poems, a booby-trapped John, some original music andmuch more. In short, it is an almanac.

THE ALMANAC promises to be a special event filled with laughs, music and good fun for everyone of all ages. Please join us for a fun event and get to see some fourteen foot puppets, Blue Jays swarming, shadow theather and have a good time.

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