Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Puppets in Big Fork

Make Them - Use Them - Show Then - Parade Them
Puppets are most often thought of as children entertainment in this part of the world, but in other parts they are often an integral part of adult theater. Worldwide, puppets have been used in passion plays, Greek theater, and, in China, are honored as “the champion of Chinese art forms".
The Edge Center in Bigfork will embark on a new project covering several weeks this summer using Big Puppets. These will be the over ten foot versions that will be made and used by anyone who would like to try out for a very unique theatrical experience. The first step will be auditions and brainstorming. That will take place June 4th from 2-4PM and 4-6PM. Come and see what’s going on and find out if you might be interested.
This EdgeWild Players production will be created and directed by Teresa Linnihan, a New York puppet master, teacher, and performer. Teresa will teach and supervise the making of small and large (14 feet high) puppets by adults and young people in the community, some of which will perform in the Bigfork Wilderness Parade. She will also use ideas generated by the community to develop a theatre piece with live music currently entitled, “The Edge of the Wilderness Almanac,” not unlike the Farmer’s Almanac, only with local interest.
Working with big puppets will give The Edge Center actors a chance to experience “devised theater”. That is a format which is not scripted but created or devised as the program develops. Participants will be given a chance to decide what happens in the show, in this case called the Almanac, and decide what the characters, big puppets, will look like and do. Here is an opportunity to mix will actors of different ages including lots of children and to devise a program as unique as possible.
Big Bird is probably the most famous Big Puppet in the country. No he will not be in Bigfork, but who knows what will be created this summer.
The Edge Center wanted to do something really different and to let participants experience a totally new kind of performing art. Here is a chance to be part of it and to see if you might like it. It’s meant to be a time when adults and kids can work together, each contributing at their own level. Come for the brainstorming and auditions and see what is going on in Bigfork.

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