Thursday, December 1, 2011

At The Edge: See Two Rare Christmas TV Movie Classics For Free

Two very special Christmas TV movie classics not generally available for three decades will be the holiday treat for viewers at The Edge Center in Bigfork next Thursday December 8th at 6:30 PM. The movies are CHRISTMAS MEMORIES and STUBBY PRINGLE'S CHRISTMAS. They are not on Netflix or in stores. Admission is free except for a smile at the door. Bring some loved ones, friends and an open heart. These movies will really help to make your Season bright.

Read more below about these great classics from Jack Nachbar discussing this special event that is part of the Park Theater Memorial Classic Movie Series.

"Of the hundreds of TV holiday movies, how many stick in your mind as "classics"? Charlie Brown, of course. And the Grinch is on every list of favorites. Others might nominate Rudolph. Besides the obvious fact that they are wonderful, these animated treasures are so well loved because they are seen over and over every year. Our December classic movies, however, deserve to be called Christmas Classics even though they have not been generally available in over thirty years. In addition, neither of them is commercially on Netflix or in stores. Like Charlie Brown and the Grinch, they are wonderful, and the chance to see them on December 8th will be a rare treat guaranteed to put you in that happy Holiday mood."

"A CHRISTMAS MEMORY (1966) stars the great actress Geraldine Page in an Emmy Award winning performance. Based on a short story by Truman Capote, A CHRISTMAS MEMORY tells the story of a young boy and his best friend, an aging aunt, who despite Depression hardships in the rural South, manage to create a memorable Christmas for themselves through love and kindness. This movie is so good it may even convince you to like fruitcake."

The following photo is of Gelaldine Page.

"STUBBY PRINGLE’S CHRISTMAS (1978) stars Beau Bridges and another great American actress, Julie Harris. Stubby is a young, penniless cowboy, whose selfless instinct to give happiness to others leads everyone he meets on Christmas Eve to feel the goodness of the Season. "Are you Santa Claus?" a little girl asks Stubby and after you see this little movie you may well ask the same question."

The following photo is of Beau Bridges.

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