Saturday, July 25, 2015

Piano Bar with the “Jerryatrics” for Rock-n-Roll

This will be the seventh performance of the “Piano Bar” at the Edge Center in Bigfork on August 8th.  Every year they add a new touch to keep things fresh. Well last year they added 50’s and 60’s music with their own band “Jerry and the Jerryatrics”.  It was a hit and they are coming back due to the many requests to see them again. That does not mean smooth, relaxing sounds of a piano bar will be gone, but for the second half of the concert things will get more “active.”  Rock-n-Roll can be best played by those who grew up and lived it. That’s why the musicians are a bit older. The classic 50’s and 60’s sounds of the “Jerryatrics” are almost impossible to hear live anymore in Northern Minnesota.  And there will be more surprises that will keep this special benefit for the Edge fresh and enjoyable. Come and hear piano bar-plus music.  Saturday August 8 at 7PM. Price $10 adults, $5 children.

“The key to keeping-em coming is keep-en it fresh,” says Ron Olsen, who is one of the Trio who played piano bars for a living for some 30 plus years.

That’s why when Jerry Hagen, another member of the trio asked Ron if he could even play Rock-n-Roll as it is supposed to be played, Ron jumped at the chance.  So “Jerry and the Jerryatrics” were born and first heard at last year’s piano bar Edge benefit.

Jerry is an old-timer when it comes to 50s and 60s sounds starting in the 60s with the "Original Pretenders”. He played music everywhere with too many bands to mention and “retirement” to him meant a great chance to play more music.   He was converted to a bass player by Ron and now has returned the favor by giving Ron a nudge.  Ron at the piano can and has played anything, but 50’s and 60’s music does have a special place in his heart too.

Joined by these two will be Ron’s brother Don on percussion, guitar and vocals. Don is also an “older” rock and roller who played with the original “Ramrods” when he was 15.  Don says, “Ron and I started playing ‘Big Band’ music as we were growing up and developed affinity for that era.  We played in many clubs over the years and I recently played with the Jan Garber Band down here in Arizona.  But, like Jerry, I am also an old rocker.  At about age 15 I started playing with the original ‘Ramrods’. We played in venues all over Iowa including the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo and the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake…”

There are two other talented members of the group in Terry Price (first two pictures above) on percussion and guitar plus Harold Boege (bottom two pictures above) on bass. And, to be noted, they sing too.  Everybody in the band sings. Terry played Iowa ballrooms with a dance band early 70's, and in a rock band based out of Marcell. Now, in church and does a solo act on rare occasions. He plays guitar, drums, and banjo. Harold started playing accordion and guitar in his teens. For the last 10 years he has been playing Harmonica and accordion with the 2nd Wind Harmonica band in Grand Rapids and bass for the Jason Waldron band along with "Bailey and the Boys". But the best way to explain the “Jerryatrics” is by coming to the show. These pictures only tell part of the story..

The date and time for the Edge concert is Saturday August 8 at 7PM.  The prices are $10 adults and $5 children.  If you have heard them before we invite you to come for another excellent evening of music, laughs and the “Jerryiatrics”.  If you have never been to one of these concerts, please come and find out why they keep packing the house year after year. They claim to be retired, but they play like professionals with over a century of experience. And that’s hard to match.

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