Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Twist in the Show From the “Northern Lights Trio” in Bigfork

This is the sixth year for the Piano Bar concert at the Edge Center in Bigfork. And each year there is something new coming from the “Northern Lights Trio”.  This year will be no exception. The first half of the show will be filled with the smooth sounds of old standards you don’t get to hear as often anymore.  It will be the same format that brings in great audiences every year.  The second half of the show will bring you a different sound designed to maybe get you a little more excited to even do some dancing in the pit. It will be a surprise, so you have to show up to find out what going to happen. Whatever it is you can be sure it will please and entertain you. Saturday August 9 at 7PM. Price $10 adults, $5 children.

With Ron Olsen playing keyboard including the Edge Yamaha and possibly more, Jerry Hagen on bass, and Ron’s brother, Don Olsen, on percussion instruments, the group keeps busy. You also may hear a washtub bass, washboard and accordion.  Ron is a retired bar and supper club entertainer, Jerry’s musical background goes back to the 1960s as a rock-n-roller, and Don’s first music was playing in the Olsen Family band at six years old. With those musical backgrounds, they have an amazing amount of experience totally over 150 years to share with you.

According to Ron, “With my time playing in venues where you have to provide a reason for an otherwise busy audience to listen, I learned that keeping a show ‘fresh’ is really important. That is why each year at the Edge we try to provide a new sound and ideas in our show.  We have been successful, and sincerely appreciate the turnouts we get.  And we plan on doing our best to keep it that way. This year’s ‘surprise’ second half will definitely be different for those who know our music. For those who have not seen our show before, we invite you to try it and let us do our best to entertain you.”

For three retired guys they keep very busy with music. “The Northern Lights Trio” entertains at a number of venues around the area including the Grand Rapids Showboat event last year and again this year. Ron, after decades of professional playing, is the most "retired" of the group and plays music on a more limited basis.

 Jerry’s start in the 1960’s included playing in the original “Pretenders” band and he never got enough music after retiring.  Jerry is heard around the area anywhere and anytime that he gets a chance to play.

Don spends part of his year out of state; he escapes for the winter to Arizona and plays with the Jan Garber Orchestra, which specializes in original charts from "The Idol of the Airways" back in the 30's and 40s.

For these three performers, playing with the trio is a great chance to reunite and enjoy audiences, have fun and play some music together.

The date and time for the Edge concert is Saturday August 9 at 7PM.  The prices are $10 adults and $5 children.  If you have heard them before we invite you to come for another excellent evening of music, laughs and something different.  If you have never been to one of these concerts, please come and find out why they keep packing the house year after year. They claim to be retired, but they play like they have over a century of experience. And that’s hard to match.

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