Monday, September 30, 2013

Hummer Goes Edgy

A long time ago, some young women from the Bigfork Valley area decided that fishing trips should not be men only.  So they went fishing…every year for twelve years. But separate cars seemed wasteful, so they bought the bus.  They liked to sing, but the words were a challenge so the bus became the “Hummer”.  After the fishing trips ended the Hummer sat idle until a traveling theatre troupe started showing up yearly.  The Hummer now was a big taxi.  But it was really getting old and got sold for a new Hummer. Well it is now getting a fresh look too…kind of “Partridge Family” style with new missions.  The Stages Theatre Company from Hopkins is the troupe and  “THE WIZ”, is an adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” and will be the new Hummer’s official first mission next summer.  But The Edge Center in Bigfork also gets a super traveling Billboard so when you see the Hummer check it out for the newest Edge show information.

Above is the first Hummer and some of the fishing team.  The annual fishing trip was a celebration for the whole town of Bigfork.  There was often a party waiting for them at home. On one return the Piccaroon Solon in town had its biggest sales day ever.  The fishing group included Joey Jacobson, Kristi Krueth, Patty Marthalar, Barb Richards, Pam Heinemz, Carol Gilbertson, Lil Krueger, Ann McGarry, Joyce Showalther, Mary Jo Mcdonald, Sue Dullard and Heidi Korstad.

Above is the Newest Hummer and the painting crew (in no particular order) Gretchen Katt, Cinde Ashley, Steve Ashley, Azure Anderson, Roger Richards, Sue Dullard, Heidi Korstad.   Below are painting pictures that tell more of the story.

Also here is little about the new musical coming to The Edge Center stage in Bigfork next summer. It is “THE WIZ” The Tony® award-winning musical that is an adaptation of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” with a modern, soulful  twist. "THE WIZ" is adapted from the original 1975 Broadway  musical by the Theater for Young Audiences (TYA). Below is the cover from the original cast album.

Also,  make sure to look for details about more Edge events on the new and improved “Hummer.”   You may find it parked almost anywhere.

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