Monday, July 8, 2013

Disney's “Aladdin”...Becomes a High Energy Musical in Bigfork

Combine the following: Academy award winning music, colorful costumes and sets, confetti cannons, multicolored “smoke” plumes 20 feet high, and the energy of young actors. That's “Aladdin Jr.” It is the shortened Disney’s animated classic turned to life in Bigfork later this month. This will be the fifth time Stages, the Hopkins-based theatre company, brings one of its productions by young performers to The Edge Center.

Find out if the poor street kid really wins the heart of the princes…with the help of some magic of course…on Friday through Sunday July 19 through 21. Performances are on Friday and Saturday 7PM and Sunday 2PM. Prices $10 for adults and $5 for children.

This production debuted in Hopkins last month and will be in Bigfork for its only road trip. These photos, provided by Stages, show the opening performance and some of the actors getting ready. Following is what one of the local news outlets, the Hopkins Patch, had to say about the show.  “For some parents, the search for exciting, family-friendly events to fill up a hot summer weekend can be a laborious affair.”

“Lucky for them, they could do a lot worse than checking out the Stages Theater Company production of "Aladdin, Jr." opening Friday night at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. The production is being billed by Stages as a high-energy 'adventure of magic and mayhem' for all ages, complete with some unusual special effects.”

"It has good moral stories for kids today couched in some beautiful music that's really fun to perform,' said director Sandy Boren-Barrett (below). 'It has a darkness, a richness to it."

“The show—a cut-down version of the classic Disney musical ‘Aladdin’—also features some fancy special effects that one director said will add further pizzazz the already-lively score and story.”

“The show is apparently all about two letters and one number—CO2. Cryo jets produce a plume of “smoke” (CO2 cloud) that reaches 20-30 feet. The plumes of smoke can be colored by either ambient stage lighting or lighting instrumentation directed on them, so they can range in colors limited only by the lighting designer’s imagination,’ said Associate Technical Director Jim Hibbeler (above). 'There will also be carbon dioxide-powered confetti cannons.”

"This year's production offers performing opportunities to many youth,...' Boren-Barrett said. (pictured above and below) 'Some are regular faces at Stages' summer try-outs and in their own schools' theater programs, but for just as many 'Aladin, Jr.' is their one chance this year to perform because of other commitments during the school year—or even their only theatrical performance ever."

"We really get such wonderful talent at our auditions," Boren-Barrett said. "They do really remarkable work. They're such talented kids, For most, though, the show will be their first time touring when Stages takes the production to Big Fork, Minnesota …”

Complete story at: energy-musical-aladdin-friday-night

So come alone, with a friend, or with the whole family to Bigfork.  “Aladdin Jr.” promises to be an exciting trip for your imagination... a chance for the whole family to experience one of the "Arabian Nights" most famous tales.  You can also visit The Edge gallery while you are here and see this year’s juried exhibit that is also filled with color, beauty and maybe a little "magic" of its own.

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