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Southern Gospel Music at The Edge Center in Bigfork Tim Probst & friends…The Master's Men Quartet

Tim Probst, along with The Master’s Men quartet, will provide inspiring sounds of old and new gospel music at The Edge Center in Bigfork on June 15.  It will be a wonderful evening of solo and quartet renditions of Southern Gospel music that will certainly warm the heart and soul. Both Tim Probst and the quartet have local roots and have been singing gospel music for years. Tim Probst, now singing and recording in Nashvile, started locally, and the Master’s Men Quartet, located in International Falls, bring a Northern Minnesota influence to their programs. Date June 15th.  Time 7PM.  Prices $10 adults and $5 children.

Southern Gospel artist Tim Probst, singer, songwriter, and quartet man started college at Bemidji State Univ. with a music major and toured Europe with the BSU concert choir. He finished college with a degree from the U of M School of Forestry.  He moved “back home” to Marcell with wife Jeanne and son Luke and worked for his dad at the Marcell Mill from 1979 to 1988.

He spent 13 years as a Koochiching County Forester in Littlefork, MN. During that time, he started a quartet at the Littlefork Baptist Church and sang with a men barbershop group, The Northern Timbers, in International Falls.

Tim and his family relocated in Nashville in 2005, where he sings and writes Gospel music, in addition to singing baritone with Wings of Faith quartet in churches across TN, KY, AL, NC. Jim is presently recording with Producer Tony Ray Jones at Backwoods Studio in Nashville. He will have albums for sale at the concert and his music is currently on, Facebook and soon on Backwoods Studio, Nashville, TN.

Southern Gospel music has a long history dating from just after the end of the Civil war.  Even though the genre has a generally considered start date of 1910, this style of music can be traced back several decades before then.  According to Wikipedia,  “The date of Southern Gospel's establishment as a distinct genre is generally considered to be 1910, the year the first professional quartet was formed for the purpose of selling songbooks for the James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company…)  But the genre existed long before as evidenced…in the work of Charles Davis Tillman (1861–1943), who popularized ‘The Old Time Religion’, wrote ‘Life's Railway to Heaven’ and published 22 songbooks.” Read more at:

The Tim Probst song list for Bigfork:

1. So High
2. I Believe
3. Answer Man…words & music, Tim Probst -  2013
4. He Came to Me…words & music, Squire Parsons - 1980
5. It’s Not What’s Over the Door…words & music, Squire Parsons - 1990
6. Quiet Moments…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
7. Working on the Building
8. Master of the sea…words & music, Squire Parsons - 1975
9. By and By
10. Step Back…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
11. Peace in the Valley
12. Never too Late…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
13. He knows What I Need
14. The Truth…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
15. From the Cross…words & music, Tim Probst 2013
16. Great Revival…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
17. Get Home Before Dark…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
18. The Battle Soon Will be Over…words & music, Tim Probst - 2013
19. I Call it Home- words & music, Squire Parsons…1990

It is hard to overstate the importance of quartet harmonies to Southern Gospel music.  According to Wikipedia, it is sometimes called “quartet music” by its fans “…because of the originally all-male, tenor-lead-baritone-bass quartet make-up. Early quartets were typically either a cappella or accompanied only by piano or guitar…” Read more at:

The Master’s Men quartet been singing Southern Gospel music together for about 8 years. They met in church, all wanted to sing, and the four had the necessary voices for a quartet. They have diverse backgrounds: the bass singer Mike Carney is a chiropractor, the baritone singer Earl Sneller is an electrician, the lead singer Kevin Skifstad, is a retired papermaker, and the tenor, Ken Shoberg is a Boise millwright.

They have no recordings yet and typically perform at Christmas parties, Valentine’s Day parties, retirement villas, the Music in the Park in Int’l. Falls, the Backus Hooked on Talent, and the Bigfork Wilderness Days.

The Master’s Men Quartet song list for Bigfork follows:

1. Between The Cross & Heaven... Performed by Ernie Haase  & Signature Sound (EH&SS)By William Gaither 1975
2. He Made A Change...Performed by Ernie Haase  & Signature Sound (EH&SS)By Ernie Haase & Joel Lindsey 1998
3. He Touched Me...Performed By The Gaither Vocal Band (GVB) By William Gaither 1963
4. Star Spangled Banner...Performed By The Gaither Vocal Band By Francis Scott Key. Francis who wrote the poem that was set to the music written by John Stafford Smith.
5. He Took The Hill... Performed By The Proclaimers Quartet
6. I Thirst...Performed by Ernie Haase  & Signature Sound (EH&SS) By Beverly Lowry 1993
7. Stand By Me...Performed by Ernie Haase  & Signature Sound (EH&SS) Music Unknown
8. Search Me Lord...Performed By The Gaither Vocal Band (GVB) By Thomas Dorsey 1948
9. Swing Down Chariot...Performed By The Gaither Vocal Band (GVB) Traditional Spiritual

This is promising to be a great evening of gospel music by singers with experience and talent, all of whom come from Northern Minnesoata.  They not only share their love of gospel music, but have a desire to use their talents for the glory of God.  Talent, desire, and purpose make for a good combination. And they all recognize the joy music can give to others.

The Edge Center by itself will enhance the listening experience. Besides having seats that are very comfortable, it was designed by a team of theatre building experts including a renowned “acoustician” who designed two "acoustic clouds" to bounce sound, a series of acoustic absorbers, and made recommendations about all of the wall and seating materials.  The result is an acoustic "jewel box" of a theatre that famous actors and well-traveled musicians love to play in and that audiences love to listen inside of!  Come to Bigfork on June 15th and hear for yourself .

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